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When I was born, just before the Civil War, there were many wonderful changes happening. In the parlor, we had a few portraits of family members so we could remember them. They had to sit still for hours in front of the artist. But now, we can visit the photography studio on Main Street, and sit for less than a minute in front of a camera. Photos portraits are wonderful.

But it got even better. This Stereoscope lets you see things in three dimensions. I have seen Niagara Falls as it really looks. Without leaving the parlor, I’ve seen the new Washington Monument.

In the stereoscope right now is a picture of the Congregational Church on Valley Street. The steeple in the picture came crashing down in the 1938 hurricane.

Read by Cayden Dorsett, Suffolk, United Kingdom
Fiddle by Barbara Mahony, Ithica, New York

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