The Jillson Family

Death Was No Stranger


The Jillsons only lived in this house for sixteen years. During those years the house was plagued with death. Six years after moving in, William died at age 39. Then, three years later, his wife Elizabeth died, leaving behind Eliza and William.

In 1833, Eliza married Mr. Wilkinson. Within a few months he died even before their baby, Ahab, is born. When Ahab was 8, his mother Eliza died. Young William and his nephew, Ahab, left to live with relatives.

There are no paintings or other objects left by the Jillsons who lived here.

If the walls could speak, what else might we learn from their spirits that may remain.

However, Jillson relatives lived elsewhere in town. They owned successful cotton mills and their descendants have left many family owned objects to this museum.


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